About Us

About us

Our mission is to provide a fun, but efficient, learning experience for every student. Our prices reflect our quality training, using our own step-by-step system that makes learning to drive efficient, effective and enjoyable.

Why :

Quality training results in safer drivers, and saves your time and money. We all like to find cheaper rates, but you could end up spending more time in training, or get inferior instruction, both of which would cost you more. What should you look for; cost, duration and convenience? Any of these can matter, but your first priority should be quality.


We believe in progressive education, so we’ve developed a graduated curriculum with our special teaching techniques. The student will receive a Progress Report Card at the end of each lesson. Each lesson builds on previous performance. By evaluating progress after each lesson, we can tailor our next lesson to each individual student, based on your ability. We want our teaching system to make the learning process efficient. Why should you waste your time just driving around?


With Super Simple Learning you can expect

1. Highly Trained Instructors
2. Structured lesson plan – Super Simple Learning method
3. One-on-one training
4. Evaluation after each lesson