Instructor Internal Training

Super Simple Learning Instructor Internal Training


How long do you think it takes to train to become a driving instructor? In BC it only takes a mere two weeks!

But is this enough?

A training facility gives you all that you need to get started, but the experience you’ll come out with isn’t real world. You won’t know how to deal with real situations that may arise, and your students deserve the absolute best from you.

That is why all of our instructors at Super Simple Learning must go through a secondary training program which covers the following six steps:

Step 1 – Attitude and Knowledge
This part of the training teaches you all that you need to know about the SSL system, plus the attitude, the ethics, and the responsibility you will take on board as an SSL instructor.

You’ll also be taught how to assess your students in order to create a detailed SSL lesson plan, suited to their individual needs.

Step 2 – Development of technical  skills – Part 1
This session will cover the driving knowledge and skills to teach your students – including parking lot training and cockpit drills.

Step 3 – Development of technical skills – Part 2
This session will cover the best way to teach street driving.

Step 4 – Development of technical skills – Part 3
This session will cover the best way to teach manoeuvres.

Step 5 – Special Training
This session will cover the theoretical essentials to help you become a more informed instructor:

  • BC traffic laws
  • Knowledge of Defensive Driving techniques
  • Rules and regulations

Step 6 – SSL instructional ability
You will get a one-on-one session with an SSL trainer, which will help you learn all of the teaching subjects you must cover. You will be assessed on core competencies, instructional techniques and instructor characteristics.

After you have covered these sessions, and graduated from our SSL instructor training program, we’ll provide you with the materials you need to become our partner, teaching learners under the SSL name.

The benefits of this are that you’ll gain some real world training, allowing you to provide top quality lessons for your students. You’ll have developed your own driving skills and knowledge, which means you can instruct, integrate safety and defensive driving techniques to your students much more successfully. You can then train others to upgrade their driving abilities, habits, knowledge and attitude, so why not give it a go today?

Whether you’re an existing driving instructor or you’re interested in becoming one, and you wish to join our team, click here to fill out the form.  Allow us to help you kick start your career in the right direction.