Policies and Information


  1. Fees
    • $100 per 75 min. –  Each driving lesson is a minimum of 75min.
    • $150 Road Test Package includes a 45-minute warm up before the test and the use of the car for the road test.
    • All latest special offers are included on the prices page on our website.
  2. Extra Charges
    • Cancellations for lessons must be made at least 48 hours prior to the booked lesson. Failure to provide this prior notification will result in a $50 fee to the student. 
  3. Individual in-car training
    • We offer one-one-one training.  No other student/passenger will be in the vehicle during your lessons.
  4. Driving Lessons:
    • Every driving lesson includes a 85 minutes of driving practice and 5 minutes for reviewing progress and providing feedback.
  5. If cancelling a road test booked through our office, we require at least 4 days notice to avoid a late cancellation fee charged by the ICBC.
  6. All students are responsible for taking care and using caution when driving the school-owned vehicle. The school reserves the right to charge the student for any damage that may be caused to the vehicle by the student.
  7. If any student forgets or refuses to wear prescribed glasses or contact lenses to assist with vision during a lesson, the lesson can and will be cancelled without hesitation.
  8. Any student believed by the instructor to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be refused a lesson.
  9. The driving instructor and school reserve the right to make final decisions on the renting out of any school-owned vehicles.
  10. All instructors can and will not be held responsible for any errors that students makes whilst driving with the school. This includes before, during and after their road test.

Payment & Refund Policies

  • All payments are to be made directly to the instructor in cash before the beginning of each lesson.
  • You can discontinue your package lessons at any time, however the discounted rate will no longer apply to the lessons you have and are yet to take.  We will calculate it based on the regular hourly rate and refund the remaining to the student.
  • There is no refund for lessons already taken.